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We are specialized in the home cleaning system and related line of cleaning solutions. We provide high quality products to enhance customer satisfaction. We are also highly focused on ensuring that customer gets an experience of all the features of our product.

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  • New System Sales

    BDI is an independent business, which deals with the distribution of Home cleaning system. We specialize in Home cleaning system and related line of cleaning solutions. We provide a best in class products. Our representatives meet one-on-one with existing and potential customers to help them find a solution that best suits their cleaning needs. We are responsible for locating potential customers, making product presentations and providing customer service. Ensuring the customer satisfaction and service is our key motive

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  • System Maintenance

    Our Home Cleaning Systems are user friendly, thus it does not need much of manual maintenance. We provide customers with a better service and best quality products.

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  • New & Used System Repairs

    BDI is committed in loyalty towards its customers. Our professional team provides best service, in case of repair we will completely disassemble your cleaner, repair or replace any worn parts, and sandblast, polish and buff metal parts back to a shiny “new” appearance. Internal components are also thoroughly inspected and repaired with replacement parts so that your system will perform at its highest level. When the process is complete, all portions of the unit will be tested to the high precise standards.

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